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API 500V 500 Series 10-slot 3U rack mountable chassis (used)

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10-slot Chassis For 500 Series-formatted Gear!

The API 500V is a rugged 10-slot, 3U rackmountable chassis for your modular 500 series gear. Powered by a tri-polar L200PS power supply which comes included, the 500V accepts 500 series-format modules. Input and output jacks on the API-VPR are both XLRs, and the unit can hold up to 10 500 series formatted modules. Now you can customize your rig to fit your exact needs by adding the API 500V 10-slot chassis.



Quality Gear From API
In 1968, Automated Processes Inc. began building quality consoles for broadcast applications. Soon, the company's products found favor with recording studios, and a string of industry-leading advancements (including computerized console automation, the first VCA, and more) followed. API produced the 2520 amplifier, one of the most famous op-amps in the recording industry, and their consoles and products found homes in such iconic studio facilities as Ocean Way, the Record Plant, and Sunset Sound, among others. In fact, there are over 700 classic API consoles around the globe — many of which are still in use. And the company certainly isn't resting on its laurels; today's API products give you the same unbeatable combination of utility, innovation, and great sound.